The Mutemwa Care Centre

Individual resident’s homes are grouped in small communities

The Mutemwa Care Centre is home to 62 patients with mixed illnesses ranging from leprosy to mental and physical disabilities. Each patient has their own living quarter and are cared for by individual carers and nurses at the centre.

Surrounding the care centre are homes belonging to the families of the patients. Within the settlement, the Franciscan manage the running of the care centre.   Father Linous Mkumbuzi OFM leads the team at Mutemwa.

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Community Projects

Mutemwa Care Centre try  to be as self-sufficient as possible and have many projects that employs local people, feeds the community and generates an income.

PIGS – They have several pigs that are use for meat to feed the community.  Mutemwa also has a breeding program and sell’s the piglets which provides an income for the community.

CHICKENS – Mutemwa has approximately 62 chickens.  Chickens provide meat and eggs and the excess is sold to again generate an income. 

CATTLE – The cows that are farmed at Mutemwa are used for meat to feed the patients.

BEES – In honour of John there care centre has many thriving bee hives, providing the community with honey so they can produce jars to sell.

VEGETABLES – Mutemwa maintains a large plot of planted vegetables.  The vegetables feed the community and the animals.

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Last Year Your Donations Helped

Last year your donations helped:

  • Buy 133 Chickens
  • Install 4 XL Water Tanks
  • Purchase 15 Tonnes of Maize
  • Provide 6 Sow Pigs (which have had 40 piglets!)

A big THANK YOU from us and everyone at Mutemwa

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We are pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with Lepra on leprosy work in Zimbabwe. This agreement will allow JBMS and Lepra to develop the Mutemwa Care Centre as a model of best practice in the treatment and care of people affected by leprosy. The aim will be to raise the profile of leprosy in Zimbabwe and help train health workers, patients and their families in the region in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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John Bradburne – adventurer into pilgrim

John Bradburne (1921–1979) lived an extraordinary life. He was a reluctant hero of the Second World War, a pilgrim and a hermit, a poet and a musician, a joker and a mystic, and a theologian.

After many years travelling and searching, he found the place that God wanted him to be – living alongside men and women suffering with leprosy in Mutemwa, Zimbabwe, a place he helped transform into a community of peace, joy and love.

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