This is Bauren. He was born in Chipinge in Zimbabwe to parents who both had leprosy. His mother died whilst he was a young boy and Bauren contracted leprosy at the age of ten years old. His leprosy started to appear with blisters, which worsened over time and then permanently developed into wounds.
In his early years he was moved from hospital to hospital trying to be treated. His father moved to Mutemwa because of his leprosy and asked if his son be brought there too to be treated.
Bauren lived at Mutemwa with his father  for fifteen years and were discharged. He then spent the next nine years working as a farm manager.
During the liberation war in 1979, Bauren returned back to Mutemwa and lived alongside John Bradburne and they became great friends.
“Living with leprosy is something that took me years to accept and realise  that I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I have found it hard to accept, whilst other people are not affected at all.” Bauren.