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Friends of Mutemwa

We are so grateful to all our members for continuing to support JBMS over the last few years where we have all struggled either financially,

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This Easter JBMS produced The Way of the Cross. A Lenten Devotion. The Stations of the Cross takes a prayerful journey, meditating on Christ’s journey to the cross.

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We are so grateful to Agnes, the Health Coordinator at the Archdiocese of Harare who helped in organising new pillows and cases to all the

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Rest in Peace

We are sorry to report the sad news of three deaths of people who were so connected to Mutemwa. Heather Benoy died on Christmas Day

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Thank you to all you generous donors who contributed towards our Christmas Appeal in supporting all the children living at Mutemwa to go to school

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World Leprosy Day 2022

World Leprosy Day is a day to RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT LEPROSY DISEASE and a calling for AN END TO THE STIGMA AND DISCRIMINATION that people living with leprosy suffer.  Can you help

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Winter 2021

Latest news from JBMS including Centenary Concert, Pilgrimage Walk and information about our Christmas Appeal.

Summer 2021

Latest news including information about the upcoming Centenary event.

Winter 2020

John Bradburne’s cause & Mutemwa water tank storage

Summer 2018

BREAKING NEWS: The Cause for Beatification of John Bradburne

Winter 2015

John Bradburne writes of his daily tasks at Mutemwa From a letter to his mother in August 1969

Summer 2014

Pope Francis blesses “a life marked for sanctity”

Summer 2013

Behold our feet are standing within your gates - by Fr Nyson Manujova OFM

Summer 2012

Farewell message from Rose Chihota Chairman of Mutemwa Leprosy & Care Centre (MLCCA) after 3 years service

Winter 2012

Mutemwa celebrations and something precious in the cooking-pot

Upcoming Events


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