Bringing peace, joy and love to the leprosy patients of Mutemwa

Bringing hope & love for 50 years
Helping to fight Leprosy
Family in Mutemwa Leprosy Centre
John Bradburne at Mutemwa - 1975

The John Bradburne Memorial Society

The John Bradburne Memorial Society was founded as a charity in England in 1995 in order to help support Mutemwa Leprosy and Care Centre in Zimbabwe.
It honours the memory of John Bradburne’s dedicated life and work at Mutemwa where he was warden between 1969 to 1979.

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Mutemwa Care Centre

The Mutemwa Care Centre is home to 62 patients with mixed illnesses ranging from leprosy to mental and physical disabilities. Surrounding the care centre are homes belonging to the families of the patients.

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Please help support The John Bradburne Memorial Society by visiting the shop where you’ll find everything from CD’s of John’s poems, to greetings cards, books and gifts.

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The amazing story of John Bradburne

John Bradburne (1921–1979) lived an extraordinary life. He was a reluctant hero of the Second World War, a pilgrim and a hermit, a poet and a musician, a joker and a mystic, and a theologian.

After many years travelling and searching, he found the place that God wanted him to be – living alongside men and women suffering with leprosy in Mutemwa, Zimbabwe, a place he helped transform into a community of peace, joy and love.

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