Keeper of leper midst dust and dry heat

If only I could meet your friends and visit your retreat.

O Franciscan Saint, martyr, God’s fool,

To walk in your footsteps if I might

An eagle on the wing has heard your plight.

Could I drink your cup, nay, and who can?


He gave up all for the Son of Man.

Rest assured guru full of wit,

It is with the King that you shall sit. 

Senseless creatures did scatter your flock

They wait to be with you, running amok.

Into their hearts your love you did pour,

So now without you they know your love no more.


King of Kings who rules in heaven above

In John for his lepers there was so much love

Never in my life did I hear of such a man

Going about putting others first, like you Lord, and in mind your plan.


O reverend monk, keeper of bees 

They now pray for you on their crippled knees,

And you know they’ll be with you once more

When Angel’s trumpets sound to even the score.

You’ve travelled far O noble Knight

Head held high and armour bright.

All prayers to Mary and Son and Holy Spirit mostly out loud

                                  You’ve finally pierced that distant cloud