JBMS Christmas Appeal 2023

This Christmas, we aspire to fulfil a critical need for the community of Mutemwa: the acquisition of a tractor. This indispensable asset will significantly contribute to the overall well-being and sustenance of the community in several essential ways.

First, the tractor will facilitate the ploughing of maize, a vital staple food providing crucial nutritional support. Moreover, it will aid in the cultivation of beans, groundnuts and other vital crops. Additionally it will play a crucial role in transporting inputs to the fields and carrying the harvested crops, thereby streamlining the agricultural processes in Mutemwa.

Furthermore, the tractor will serve the purpose of ploughing crops for various projects such as feed for layers, pigs, and broilers. Its utility extends to the efficient transportation of manure to the fields and gardens, fostering healthy and sustainable agricultural practices. Moreover, it will assist in the transportation of firewood and the upkeep of the community’s surroundings.

We understand that these times are challenging for many, yet any contribution, no matter how small, that you can spare during this festive season, would be immensely valued by the Mutemwa community. Your support will not only empower the residents of Mutemwa but also foster sustainable development and growth in the region.

Please donate online on www.johnbradburne.com or by phone 07979 187498 or by post JBMS, PO Box 32, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0YB 

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