A gift that grows

JBMS are trying to raise enough money to be able to plant 100 Mango Trees at the Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre in honour of John Bradburne’s 100th birthday this year. By donating just £10, will be able to buy and plant one mango tree at Mutemwa.

Mango trees produce nutritious fruit with essential vitamins for the community. The mangoes can be dried, stored and eaten all year round and can be sold at markets creating a vital income for the Mutemwa Community.

The Mutmewa Leprosy Care Centre is home to 34 patients, some who live with leprosy, others who are mentally or physically disabled. The John Bradburne Memorial Society, JBMS was set up in 1995 to continue the work of its late warden, John Bradburne who turned Mutemwa from being a place where people were disregarded and cut off, to being a place full of joy, love and happiness.

JBMS sends money every month to Mutemwa to help with the costs of food, medication, clothing, housing, and any specific projects that need doing. The community have asked for mango trees to be planted and what better way to commemorate John’s 100th Birthday than planting 100 mango trees.

Please donate just £10 to be able to plant 1x Mango Tree at the Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre.

Visit  https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/jbmsmangotree

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