Pack of 8 Cards

Pack of 8 Cards



This set of eight cards can be used for Easter or any other special occasion. Six of the cards are taken from the top of Mount Chigona, the granite rock that looms above the Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre, where John Bradburne used to go to take time out to enjoy the view, meditate and pray.

A few of the cards have some of the beautiful metal sculptures of the Stations of the Cross on Chigona by the late sculptor, Arthur da Silva Azevedo. There are two cards of flowers, the red flower with bees is called ‘Euphorbia milii’; the common names are ‘Crown of thorns’, ‘Christ plant’, or ‘Christ Thorn’. It is a hardy prickly plant that is growing on John’s grave at Chishawasha Mission. The white apple blossom flower with a bee is taken in East Anglia, in the Dedham Vale

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