A DATE WITH JOHN by Derek Van Der Syde 2021

When John came to Mutemwa,

In Nineteen Sixty Nine,

He said to sweet Maid Mary:

‘No more wand’ring, this is fine!’

He climbed up Mount Chigona,

Made a prayer path at the top;

For all good pilgrims far and wide

Who came to the sacred spot.

His love was universal

As Servant of the Lord,

The lepers were his children

And graces his reward.

And John embraced St Francis,

A disciple and Third Order.

And serenaded his sweet Maid,

Made tuneful his recorder.

He worked for their own guidance,

And treated them with glory;

But this was only just the start,

To the John Bradburne story.

For he was urged to listen,

To all well meaning friends,

To save his life from danger,

Less staying would be his end.


And it was ten years later,

He kept faith with his flock,

And so it was that on one day

The news came as a shock.


This humble man had made his mark,

And had but one desire,

To rest in Brother Earth at late

His robe be his attire.


And so it was when touched by God,

His funeral did accord;

With Angels singing songs of praise

And thanking his dear Lord.


But John, you never went to sleep

But by your own endeavour;

Are still alive a hundred years

To sanctify Mutemwa!