A poem in the voice of John Bradburne

Lead me, for I am a coin-flipping, song-

singing wanderer and I glimpse you

everywhere as I walk this dawn-lit road.

You are the ruts of water flashing silver,

the fluttering lime reeds stooping

to an oncoming spirit-blown breeze.

You are the buoyant, morning sea-light

surging across Seaton marshes, a liquid

light rolling to piney mountain shoulders.

You are the arc, the horizon’s back, the

swerve inland, leading me to Buckfast

Abby, down a road of tangle, moss, and shadow.

And now you are slopes, bushes, outcrops,

hawthorn, making me itch for Italy, Israel, and

only you, and the coin of my prayer, know where.


Lead me, for you are a Living Map, and I

a willing wanderer. Steer my restless

bones, direct me till I’m home.

Maria Apichella, 2021