Bicycle Donation, March 2022

A huge thank you goes to the wonderful Deanna Williston OFS, who for her 50th Birthday this March, raised money to buy bicycles for some of the children living at Mutemwa. The Mutemwa children were thrilled to hear about this precious gift, and were so happy and excited. Each of them felt so proud to become […]

Cross Fell Pilgrimage June 2022

Nearly 50 pilgrims joined in the second climb up Cross Fell on the 18th June 2022 under the leadership of Bishop Paul Swarbrick, the Bishop of Lancaster, in whose Diocese Cross Fell resides. John Bradburne’s Birthday is on the 14th June 1921 and the anniversary of his death is on 5th September 1979. The previous […]

St Anne’s Guild August 2022

Over 100 members of St Anne’s Guild from the inner city deanery of the Archdiocese of Harare visited Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre on 27 August 2022. The members of St Anne’s came to Mutemwa to present items that we were donating to the community which included: 2 x 5000 litre water tanks, clothing and many […]

43rd John Bradburne Anniversary September 2022

Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September, the annual John Bradburne 43rd Anniversary took place at Mutemwa in Zimbabwe. Hundreds of pilgrims from all over Zimbabwe and further afield come to celebrate the life of John. The day started with uplifting Zimbabwean singing, followed by testimonials of how John had interceded for people. […]

New Franciscans, September 2022

We would like to welcome Fr Muqhelisi Sibanda and Fr Jean Claude Hakizuwera who are the new Franciscan priests at Mutemwa. For many years, the Franciscans have been in place at Mutemwa to provide spirituality to the community living there and to the many pilgrims who visit. We wish you our prayers for continuing the […]

New Ducks at Mutemwa, October 2022

Father Sibanda and Father Jean Claude, the new friars at Mutemwa have built a pond for the ducks. True Franciscan men, who love animals.

SeedCo, October 2022

A huge thank you goes out to the fantastic SeedCo business who generously donated 40kgs of maize seed and 100kg of mealie meal to Mutemwa. Being able to be self-sufficient and grow their own food is not only cost effective, but hugely beneficial to all involved. Thank you.

Cumbrian Exhibition November 2022

By the time you read this I hope the 16 large display photographs and script about John Bradburne will have a permanent home. John was born in Skirwith on the fell side 6 miles east of Penrith. Though he was only received into the Catholic church long after leaving Cumbria it seems now appropriate to […]

John Bradburne Worldwide, November 2022

We are excited to announce that JBMS has produced the Novena prayer card, Beati cation card and Magni cent Life leaflet in different languages, so that John’s story can be told far and wide. We now have these prayer cards and leaflets in French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Please get in touch if you […]