New JBMS Trustee Appointed, Father Daniel Humphreys – 4th July 2023

I am delighted to be involved in JBMS.  I am Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St George, Enfield, in the Diocese of Westminster.  My first real awareness of John came when I was Sub-Administrator of Westminster Cathedral.  In September 2019, a Mass was held there to promote John’s cause and I […]

Prosthetic Legs for Patients -1st July 2023

Friends without Boundaries sourced funds to buy prosthetic legs for two residents Maria and Rodina at Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre. Maria was born with an abnormally folded leg. As she grew up the leg was amputated and was given a prosthetic leg. This got damaged and for the last couple of years she was using […]

Happy 102nd Heavenly Birthday John Bradburne – 14th June 2023

John, you have inspired a loyal following of devotees around the world who now pray for your beatification and help JBMS to continue your workof caring for the people living at Mutemwa. Here is a video dedicated to John on this special day. We asked JBMS members to use one word to describe John Bradburne. Watch this video […]

Thank you to Delta and Schweppes – 12th June 2023

The wonderful Patricia Murambinda visited Mutemwa bringing offerings of gifts from Delta Beverages and Schweppes. The community were thrilled when Patricia arrived bringing linen from Melfort Old People’s home and drinks from Delta and Schweppes. Thank you to all involved in helping boost the residents spirits.

JBMS Event at Buckfast Abbey – 10th June 2023

Buckfast Abbey held a special place in the story of John Bradburne and thus it was appropriate that JBMS decided to celebrate John’s 102 birthday in South Devon and we were very grateful that the Abbot, the Right Rev David Charlesworth O.S.B. graciously agreed to allow us to use their excellent conference facilities. The gathering […]

Thank you to the Peterson Family from USA – 15th May 2023

The family and friends of Guy and Ros Peterson were so touched by what they heard about Mutemwa that as a family, they put together their savings and bought medication worth $2000 for Mutemwa.They raised more money and got customised tricycles made which they donated to the residents who are immobile. This has improved mobility […]

Thank you St Francis Leprosy Guild – 3rd May 2023

JBMS is hugely grateful to have yet again received a grant from St Francis Leprosy Guild to help us buy some water storage tanks for the Mutemwa Care Centre and to be able to build a house over the solar panel pump and water pumps and keep them secure. Thank you for your continuing support […]

Earth Day – 22nd April 2023

In honour of Earth Day today where we think of protecting our environment and planet. Here is a poem by John Bradburne from 1970 on the state of the earth. He seems ahead of his time in his writing. Dixit Insipiens 1970 by John Bradburne The most destructive thing on earth is man Disparaging his […]

Happy Easter 2023

9th April 2023 Wishing all our JBMS Members a Blessed Easter Sunday. Ut Unum Sint 1956 by John Bradburne Come back home again, home again Peter Now tis Easter Day, Easter Day dawns And Jesus Christ your Master is arisen from the tomb And gies before to Galilee where you shall see Him soon. For […]