Prosthetic Legs for Patients -1st July 2023

Friends without Boundaries sourced funds to buy prosthetic legs for two residents Maria and Rodina at Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre.

Maria was born with an abnormally folded leg. As she grew up the leg was amputated and was given a prosthetic leg. This got damaged and for the last couple of years she was using crutches.

Rodina lost her leg in a bus accident, where she also lost her husband in the same accident. She had travelled from Mozambique in search of a better life in Zimbabwe. She did not speak English or the local language and could not remember where she came from in Mozambique because they had travelled so far on foot. After being discharged from the hospital she was placed at Mutemwa by Social services nearly 20 years ago. Her prosthetic leg had worn down so much, that she needed a new one.

Thanks to Friends without Boundaries, Rodina and Maria have now been measured for their prosthetic legs by Jairos Jiri. The two ladies are very excited to get their mobility and independence back.

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