New JBMS Trustee Appointed, Father Daniel Humphreys – 4th July 2023

I am delighted to be involved in JBMS.  I am Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St George, Enfield, in the Diocese of Westminster.  My first real awareness of John came when I was Sub-Administrator of Westminster Cathedral.  In September 2019, a Mass was held there to promote John’s cause and I was privileged to celebrate that Mass.  Monsignor Robert Mercer (of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham) was the preacher and gave such a lively sermon.  He met and knew John, of course. It was a wonderful occasion, full of joy and faith.  This exposure to John’s remarkable life and also to those who were so energetically promoting his cause sowed something of a seed in me.  I began to read about him and to make regular purchases from the online gift shop – especially the excellent greetings cards.

Like John, I converted to Roman Catholicism in my adult life.  In my Anglican days (I was in parish ministry in the dioceses of York and London) I was privileged to visit Zimbabwe on one occasion.  There I was conscious of the faith and fortitude of the people, who were facing then, as now, considerable suffering.  I have never forgotten the people I met over those three weeks travelling around the country.  It was a real time of blessing.  I very much hope to return there one day – perhaps a pilgrimage with JBMS?

The other day I went to see some friends who live near Saffron Walden in Essex.  I decided to take a different route home, so as to avoid the dreaded motorways.  My route to Enfield took me through Hare Street.  Once again, John Bradburne was making himself present, I realised.  He spent time there looking after the country house of the Archbishops of Westminster, as you probably are well aware.

So, John is alive and active today, and a wonderful example of lived faith.  Please forgive these personal reflections and anecdotes.  They are merely intended to illustrate how I sense John’s presence and example at work.  I sincerely hope that I can contribute a little something to the work of JBMS and to his cause.  May he pray for us all and, in his inimitable way, continue to both surprise and inspire us always.


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