Cumbrian Exhibition November 2022

By the time you read this I hope the 16 large display photographs and script about John Bradburne will have a permanent home.

John was born in Skirwith on the fell side 6 miles east of Penrith. Though he was only received into the Catholic church long after leaving Cumbria it seems now appropriate to base the display as near to Skirwith as possible and happily the parish priest at St Catherine’s Penrith, Fr John Winstanley, has agreed that this can happen.

We are in the process of buying 8 panels of concertina screens to hold the display which will be in the Haydock Centre at St Catherine’s, Penrith. CA11 9EL.

I do not know if John ever worshiped at St Catherine’s but it seems likely given that he did return to Cumbria in adult life. If anyone knows for certain do let me know. It is my parish church.

Gavin Young

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