Friends of Mutemwa

We are so grateful to all our members for continuing to support JBMS over the last few years where we have all struggled either financially, emotionally and/or physically. We are so appreciative of your unwavering support in helping us to continue the work we do at the Mutemwa Leprosy Care Centre and in spreading the word on John Bradburne’s extraordinary life.

Special thanks must go to the Friends of Mutemwa headed by Nyarai Chiguvare, who are dedicated volunteers based in Zimbabwe who work tirelessly in helping to continue supporting the Mutemwa Community. The Friends of Mutemwa have been such a ray of light in difficult times and have enabled a better life for those living there. They have provided such wonderful gifts for the patients, from new mattresses and chairs for each person, to Christmas hampers and a big Christmas party for all the community, to the wonderful Easter Feast celebrated, along with much needed expensive medication for those suffering. JBMS is truly indebted to your kindness and spirit in carrying on the good work at Mutemwa that John Bradburne started, giving dignity and love to each patient.

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