JBMS Christmas Appeal 2021

A generation of young children are missing out on an education at Mutemwa, Zimbabwe. Education in Zimbabwe is not a right it’s a privilege that many families cannot afford. Help JBMS change the narrative for the children living at Mutemwa.

This year, JBMS Christmas Appeal is focussed on providing education to all the children living at Mutemwa in Zimbabwe.

Mutemwa is a community which not only cares for the needs of the patients, but also their families.

By sponsoring a child at Mutemwa to go to school is a life changing experience and can break the cycle of poverty. Education is key to unlocking the door of freedom in Zimbabwe. It benefits not only the child, but also the family and wider community.Gaining a proper education in Zimbabwe is challenging for underprivileged families, like those living at Mutemwa. That’s why we need your help in sponsoring a child to go to school

Just £30 will provide an education for 1 primary age child for 1 term at school.

By donating £50 we will be able to buy a bike for a child to get to school everyday.

A donation of £65 will buy the school uniform and shoes for a child.
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